…till im done with my “Gratitude List” for the year 2011.. God has been so good to me. Lot of good things happened last year, from day 1 up to the last day of year 2011..

These are the events, people, places, experiences, things, and situations that I am happy and thankful for:

  • Spent my first Christmas w my son, Chuichiro…
  • Had a 2 month vacay in manila
  • Been to Palawan
  • Stayed at the Hotel
  • First Birthday of my son
  • Meet-ups/reunion with my college buddies
  • A full body massage.
  • Erika turned 18!
  • My hubby’s safe afer the 3/11 Tsunami.
  • Beach and Island hopping
  • 6th year Anniversary
  • Experienced the so-called Motherhood. for real…
  • Food!! Food!! Food!!!
  • Long and Good night sleep!
  • My kungfu’s first time to sit, to walk, first lil  teeth, first time to run, 
  • Summer out-of-town
  • Kungfu`s Milestones!!!
  • Had my hair done!
  • Being bum
  • Spending time @ park  and mall nearby..
  • Spending time with friends here in Japan..
  • Roadtripping..
  • Coffee!! 
  • Desserts!!!
  • TFC and other online streamings!
  • Project TV! never fails me!!
  • A New Lifestyle (come on!)
  • Improving Hormones!!!!! a milestone for me!
  • A New sets of wardrobe
  • Spending my 7th Chirstmas and New Year with my kiss and now with my baby..
  • 365 days and nights
  • Sunsets and Sunrises
  • Meeting new friends off and online
  • Long hot bath @ the sento nearby
  • My son’s toys and books
  • Being with my loved ones..

now i think i’m done, lemme greet you a Happy and prosperous New Year…. *wink*

(this is my yearly gratitude list, i just edited some if you noticed)

Bring it On 2012!!! I AM SO READY FOR YOU!!

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