New Year’s not YET over.. (v.2010)

…till im done my “Gratitude List” for the year 2010.. God has been so good to me. Lot of good things happened last year, from day 1 up to the last day of year 2010..

These are the events, people, places, experiences, things, and situations that I am happy and thankful for:

  • Spending my new year with my family in a bar…
  • Had a long month vacay in manila
  • Been to Korea.. (airport nga lang.. LOL)
  • Organized my own wedding
  • Meet-ups/reunion with my highschool friends after 10 years!
  • Date with my college friends..
  • A full body massage.
  • Bridal Shower
  • Heard the first heartbeat of my baby.
  • Learned the gender of my baby..
  • 4D scans of lil kungfu
  • New Bedroom
  • My Wedding
  • Very first day as Mrs. Shinjo
  • Beach and Island hopping
  • Celebrated my Birthday with my friends
  • Buntet Photoshoot
  • 5th year Anniversary
  • All the jolts and kicking of my kungfu
  • Weekly scans to see my baby
  • Meeting my lil kungfu for the very first time.
  • Experienced the so-called Motherhood.
  • Food!!
  • Sleepless nights and engorging breasts!! hahaha
  • My kungfu’s first social smile
  • Summer out-of-town
  • Kungfu`s Milestones
  • Had my hair done!
  • Being bum
  • Spending time @park nearby..
  • Lomowalking
  • Spending time with friends here in Japan..
  • Roadtripping..
  • True Friends who stayed with me through thick and thin
  • Coffee!! Finally..
  • Desserts!!!
  • Torrent sites
  • Project TV
  • A New Lifestyle
  • Improving Hormones
  • A New apartment
  • A New sets of wardrobe
  • My New bed..
  • Spending my 6th Chirstmas and New Year with my kiss and now with my baby..
  • 365 days and nights
  • Sunsets and Sunrises
  • Meeting new friends off and online
  • Kungfu`s very first car
  • Long hot bath @ the sento nearby
  • My new iMAC
  • Being with my loved ones..

now i think i’m done, lemme greet you a Happy and prosperous New Year…. *wink*

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